Call for projects

SOUK – Take 17 [2020]

Long renowned as the city’s much-awaited yearly eclectic gathering where connections are made and stories are told, the SOUK is incomparable. Through its constant amazing roster of selected designers who are changing the landscape of Montreal’s creative scene, it offers unparalleled access to unique narratives, ingenious skill, and carefully curated modern design. 


This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 17th edition of the SOUK goes virtual. Completely transforming into a one month long digital event, this inimitable event that is a true reflection of local creativity promises to titillate the senses and engage in pivotal and enriching conversations. With the difficult and uncertain reality set by the pandemic that everyone in our community is navigating today, change is essential. SOUK 17 will deliver a digital space that the wider design community can navigate and participate in, like a creative lab brimming with panels, conversations, exclusive content and as always exceptional products.


| Dates 

Tuesday, November 17, 2020  –  Thursday, December 17, 2020


| Virtual Event

SOUK 17 is being held for one month virtually from Tuesday, November 17, 2020 to Thursday, December 17, 2020. With a new digital platform, the SOUK will deliver an online shop to showcase the 17th edition product selection and exclusive collections.

Much like previous SOUK events, our online platform will equally offer singular and attractive promotional and marketing content to highlight and promote the participant designers and their products, allowing a wider audience outreach and engagement.



| Objectives

  • Gather Montreal designers from diverse backgrounds in a unique digital platform.
  • Offer designers a virtual space to promote and sell their products during a month long event that is free and accessible to all. 
  • Offer a distinct selection of new Montreal designs to a discerning curious clientele constantly on the lookout for new creative findings. 
  • Offer products that appeal to all tastes and budgets.

| Digital Space

  • A digital space imagined and conceived for design lovers.
  • Each participant will have a dedicated profile page designed and managed by the SOUK creative team. 
  • The page will include all information pertaining to the designers and to their products, such as bio and products available for sale.
  • SOUK’s creative team determines the layout of the designer’s page, the presentation of products and projects selected by the jury. 
  • A designer’s dedicated profile page is put at their sole and exclusive disposal. The online space cannot be shared with another designer and cannot offer products made by a third party.
  • See ‘Guidelines/ Selection’ for more information.


| Services provided

  • Presentation and layout of the products online
  • Product photography
  • Online technical support 
  • Media relations and promotion 
  • Promotional content
  • Shipping & handling services
  • Accounting services 


Designers’ responsibilities 

  • Designers agree to meet all deadlines, providing all required documents and information to SOUK’s creative team for the creation of their respective profile pages. 
  • Designers are solely responsible for all delays caused by late submissions and inadequate follow-ups to requests from SOUK’s creative team.




| Products/Works 

  • Proposed items must meet one of the following key criteria: useful, decorative, belongs in an apartment, work of art.
  • Proposed items must belong to one of the following categories
      • Lifestyle [Beauty & Wellness, Stationery, Books, Gift Items]
      • Living [Furniture, Lighting, Ceramics, Kitchen Tools]
      • Workspace 
      • Food & drinks
      • Kids [Toys, Books, Clothes, Accessories]
      • Fashion [Clothes, Bags, Hats, Jewelry, Accessories]


Quality /Original Works

  • The quality of work submitted should meet the expectations of our loyal clientele and be on par with the excellent level of skill defined by our local design community.
  • The displayed creations must be original works, the exclusive intellectual property rights of which must be held by the designer(s).
  • SOUK cannot be held responsible for copies or reproductions of exhibited creations that are put on sale. 


| Collaborations

  • SOUK welcomes products created in collaboration with other designers or work created by a collective.


Exclusive Works and Limited Editions 

  • The SOUK encourages the submission of Exclusive Works and Limited Editions, whether they be unique creations or products crafted using distinct materials and textures and/or using exclusive colours.
  • Exclusive Works and Limited Editions will immediately be prioritized during the jury selection process. 
  • A minimum of 2 Exclusive Works should be submitted.
  • A submission can include a mix from the designer’s existing product line with Exclusive Works and/or Limited Editions crafted only for the SOUK.
  • Exclusive Works and Limited Editions will be highlighted and benefit from a greater visibility and promotional effort. 
  • Exclusive Works and Limited Editions should be available only for the duration of the event and solely on SOUK’s digital space.


| Pricing

  • Designers set prices for their own articles, taking into account the 30% fee deducted for the SOUK of the final sales price. As well, designers assume transaction fees for Visa, MasterCard and debit payments.
  • Prices should reflect a wide range of budgets.


Candidate profile

  • Designers must be from greater Montreal and its surrounding areas.
  • Candidates may be established designers, in mid-career, starting a career or students. 


Guidelines / Criteria

  • Candidates must present original works.
  • Candidates must supply a complete application form. See ‘Proposal requirements’ for more information.
  • Selection is based on the excellence of the work in all its aspects: aesthetics, creativity, innovation and technical mastery. 
  • Priority will be given to proposals from designers whose work demonstrates a personal style, a willingness to question their form of expression, and a desire to expand the limits of their practice. 
  • SOUK seeks to highlight creativity by presenting productions that continually expand the limits of various disciplinary fields in innovative ways; SOUK is emphatic in supporting designers who innovate and continue to expand the limits of their field. 
  • Participation in previous SOUK editions does not make one automatically eligible. A proposal dossier must be submitted for each edition, as the selection committee is different every year.
  • It is essential to submit a selection of new creations or the application will be automatically dismissed.



  • Resale of products is prohibited. 
  • Imported products are prohibited.
  • Candidatures by manufacturers, distributors and importers are not eligible.
  • Products made by a third party are prohibited, unless they are considered a collaboration.  
  • ‘Collaborations’ consist of work produced by designers [and not manufacturers] and should include all the involved designer/brand names.


 Proposal requirements 

  • Required information: name, surname / address(es) / company name or brand name / telephone / cell / email / website / social media accounts
  • CV or bio (description of current and past professional experiences related to your creative practice, whether it be in the arts and crafts trades, visual arts, fashion, contemporary design, etc.). 
  • Product images taken from various angles.
  • Product packaging visual files.


Submitted products

  • A brief description of each submitted product including: materials used, format, year of production and the suggested sales price.
  • All submitted products without a suggested sales price will be automatically dismissed.
  • Only products evaluated and selected by the jury can be presented and sold during the SOUK. 
  • A minimum of 5 visual documents representing the designers’ work: drawings, sketches, digital or printed photographs, pamphlets, videos, catalogs, lookbooks, website links, newspapers or magazines clippings, or any other pertinent documents that clearly depict the artistic process. 


Samples : Food & Drink / Bath & Body

  • A sample selection of products is required in order to have the proposal evaluated by the jury, otherwise proposals will be automatically dismissed. 
  • Please note that samples will not be returned due to health and hygiene requirements. 
  • All samples must be addressed to ‘SOUK’ and sent to the following address :  Rodeo Production / 6585 Saint-Urbain / Montreal, Quebec / H2S 3G6
      • Option 1 :By mail before Monday, September 14 2020, 12pm
      • Option 2 : Drop-off in person before Monday September 14 2020, 12pm 
      • Option 3 : If products are perishable, drop-off is only possible on Saturday, September 19, 2020 between 9 am and 3pm


  • Only proposals submitted via the SOUK’s application form will be accepted.
  • SOUK does not accept proposal dossiers sent by mail, by email or delivered in person.
  • All proposals are due Monday, September 14, 2020 by 12 pm. No submission will be considered after the deadline date.


| Open House 

  • Designers may present their works and application to the jury in person so that they may support their electronic proposal submission on Saturday, September 19, 2020, from 9 am to 4 pm at   Rodeo Production (6585 Saint-Urbain / Montreal, Quebec / H2S 3G6).
  • The application must be sent via the site before going to the open house and presenting the products in person.
      • Option 1 : submit / drop-off application for the jury to evaluate later on.
      • Option 2 : present the application to the jury with a maximum presentation time of 3 min. per applicant.
  • Please take an appointment HERE to present work to the jury.


Jury selection 

  • A selection committee made up of experts will evaluate the proposals in consideration of the maximum quota per category. 
  • Please note that the jury can either approve a complete application or only select works from the submitted proposal.


Selected designers

  • All candidates will be contacted, via e-mail by Monday, September 28, 2020 by 12 pm.
  • A participation fee is required upon selection. Refer to ‘Fees’ for more information. 
  • All decisions are final and without appeal.


| Visibility 

  • The SOUK is renowned to generate over 16,000 in traffic in the course of a 5 day event : Designers, architects, buyers, wholesalers, media, museums, galleries, bloggers, loyal shoppers, students but mostly design lovers. 
  • This virtual edition of the SOUK will work to generate a steady and engaged online traffic to ensure designer and product visibility and to create engaging connections in line with the previous 16 editions of the event.


Promotional tools

  • The SOUK promotes the month-long event with special targeted content within its own media networks starting Thursday October 1st, 2020.
  • The SOUK provides designers with the promotional content so that they can pursue their own promotional efforts in their respective networks.
  • All designers are ensured the same visibility and engagement with the media. 
  • Exclusive products, collaborations, limited editions, as well as raffle contributors might benefit from greater coverage and engagement.
  • The SOUK will make use of its website + newsletter + social media [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.] to promote the event, participant designers and their products.


| Media

  • Press releases will be sent to journalists and bloggers in print and electronic media [newspapers, radios, TV, blogs, etc.].
  • Follow-up with journalists and various media.
  • SOUK generates media coverage via newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Participation fees 

  • Applying to the Call for Projects is free.
  • However, if the application is selected a fee of $ 250.00 + tx is required. 
  • Fees are non-refundable and a receipt will be provided upon payment.


  • Participation fees are due  Monday, September 28, 2020 by 12pm.
  • If the above mentioned deadline is not met, the selected submission will be automatically revoked.


| Product photography fees 

  • In order to create a seamless shopping experience, the SOUK will take care of the creation of all participating designers’ product images needed for promotional content and sales on the ecomm platform.
  • All charges related to mood shots, representing designers and brand identity, will be taken care of by the SOUK.
  • Product ecomm shots will be charged to the designers at the rate of $25 per product. The rate/ product includes 2 to 3 images per product as well as retouching.



  • All sales transactions are administered through the online platform and managed by the SOUK team of the designers sales throughout the event.
  • A designer can not conduct a transaction directly with a consumer.
  • All debit and credit card processing service fees will be communicated upon selection of the submission. 
  • 30% of the sales will be automatically deducted from the designer total sales amount, as well as service fees for debit and credit card transactions.


| Logistic costs

  • All costs regarding insurance and product logistics will be communicated upon selection of the submission.



  • A detailed summary of transactions will be sent to each participant at the end of each week.
  • A complete detailed summary of transactions will be sent to each participant at the end of the event.
  • All owed payments will be issued after deduction of event fees and transactional fees.


  • The SOUK will take care of all matters related to shipping & handling in order to provide a seamless service to both the designers and customers alike.
  • Designers must deliver their inventory to SOUK’s shipping warehouse within the delays communicated by SOUK’s team.
  • Made-to-order pieces will be clearly indicated with the typical delays for production and delivery.
  • Custom orders will be shipped by the SOUK. Exceptions may apply.
  • Customers are responsible for all shipping & handling costs.
  • In certain instances, designers may be required to pay logistical fees.
  • The option of in-person pick-up at SOUK’s locales will be available to customers.
  • All relevant shipping & handling details will be communicated to designers upon selection of the submitted application.